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Pacifica Ocean Ring

Pacifica Ocean Ring
Pacifica Ocean Ring

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Pacifica Ocean Ring

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The Pacifica Ocean ring is designed for you to take the ocean wherever you go. Pairing raw Apatite, with its deep oceanic blue with the treasured shivas eye. 
This elegant design is set in 925 sterling silver and is comfortable on all fingers and looks particularly great on the thumb.  Pairing the apatite and the shivas eye it promotes a connection to your higher self and intuition. 

Apatite- a stone of manifestation. It stimulates the development of our intuitive gifts.  It balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and the chakras, eliminating overactivity and stimulating under-activity.

Shiva Shell- Symbolising the ‘Third Eye of Shiva’, it works as a protective & lucky charm watching over the wearer, sharpening intuition and stamina. Known to assist in concentrating the mind and aid in decision-making. Its water energy has a calming and cooling effect on the body.

What is it? The Shiva Shell functions as a protective shield to the Turban Sea Snail before naturally separating and making its way to the beach. Also known as an operculum shell it represents creation, preservation and the flow of life. It’s a particularly rare piece being tripe the size of a regular Shiva Shell. It is thought to be good luck for seafarers and is fondly called ‘Mermaid ‘s Money’.  

*Please note the shiva shells are natural and ethically sourced. Each shell is handpicked and 100% unique so it makes them even more special. 

Welcome Mermaid, to the Ocean's Embrace!

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