Level 1 – One Day Course

$299 This is beginner freediver course! A great first step for developing freedive skills and learning the basic principles of freediving. You will learn all about the art and science of Freediving, The Psychology of Freediving, Freediving safety and equipment for Freediving.  No prior experience required. Approx 6 hours. Available for ages 12 to adult.  The Techniques you learn from Freediving that will help with your mental strength, mental health and to assist you in dealing with stress and anxiety that stems from the modern world.  Consists of:
  • PADI online e-Learn
  • Classroom knowledge development 
  •  Breathworkshop and meditation with intention- giving you the skills to overcome fear or negative thoughts in order to fully embody and enjoy your freediving experience.
  •  Pool requirements and safety in the water- Goal – static apnea of 90 seconds and dynamic apnea of 25 metres, rescue and duck dive practice.
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