Hi Mermaids and Mermen, Who’s up for a Mermaid convention? I have come back from China and I came 5th in our International category. It was so crazy. Performing is definitely very new to me, I’m usually just a diver not a performer, so I leant heaps and have had the best fun connecting with other International Merfolk. What I realised is how big Mermaiding around the world is, it’s huge! but not so much in Australia. My vision here is to bring all Mermaids together across Australia (and the world if you’re here visiting), for a Mermaid convention.

I’m going to host it in Byron at the beach and the pool. We will start the day with Yoga on the beach in the morning, followed by Mermaid fun at the pool. You can come and just hang out and swim, train and play games or you can come and do an actual PADI certified mermaid course. There will be prizes and giveaways. I’ve got I’ve got professional freedive instructors coming to help. And a handsome Merman!

We will take underwater photos and a group photo on the beach. Followed by dinner and drinks at the beach hotel. So come dressed as your best Dry Mermaid Human. They’ll be different levels of fees for entry depending on what you want to do on the day.

I really want to bring everybody together so we can meet other mermaids in Australia and start building a bigger community here on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds.

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