Book Your Mermaid Birthday Party!

Price $350 for 60- 90 minutes

  • Approximately 60-90 minutes with a Mermaid at your pool, public pool, the beach or location of your choice. She can be in and out of the water as she is a trained Freediver. They will chat to the kids, tell stories, answer mermaid questions, collect starfish from the pool and play with the kids.
  • Parental supervision is a must with all children in the water.
  • You can take photos of the event ( Remember: Take some at the start when the Mermaid is dry).
  • Travel free extra if outside the Sunshine Coast ($100).
  • The Mermaid will play/chat with the kids and swim/perform in the pool.
  • She brings pearl necklaces and /or shells for the kids (they are special gifts from the mermaids)
  • We are happy to tailor to your party needs.
  • Please send a message for availability.

NOTE: She needs to change near the pool in secret, so it’s a great idea to distract the kids as she arrives with a game.


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Welcome Mermaid, to the Ocean's Embrace!

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