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The Mermaid Connection

Tools to tame your mind and help you to connect within, through Mermaid and Freediving

Connect within, Connect to self, Connect to the ocean,

Connect to others, Connect to your inner Goddess

“The Mermaid Connection”, helps you to gain confidence, find out who you really are from the inside and fosters empowerment from both the feminine and masculine sides of your soul.  Learning how to connect within isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion. With the Mermaid and freediving courses, I make learning comfortable, safe, challenging and fun. Tune into your own inner goddess and zen (to find the space between) to achieve a sense of peace that takes you back “home” ……which allows you to “receive” beyond your wildest dreams.

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Read my “About” page below to find out my story – my WHY – Why do I choose this? And how was the Mermaid Connection born?


What The Mermaid Connection Offers

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Awaken the Goddess Within

So…..Why Mermaid Freedive?

When we feel connected, we feel a deep love, inner peace, innate joy, gratitude and happiness. Mermaid diving attracts people from all different ages, backgrounds, cultures and languages. We are all equal underwater. We all speak one language. Being underwater shows us how to coexist and live in the present.


Here are just a few of the reasons that people enjoy mermaid free-diving . . . .

It helps you to connect within and find that inner peace as you get to know yourself better by strengthening the body, mind and soul connection.

It’s a form of meditation as it helps you to clear your mind and access your higher self.

Helps relieve stress and anxiety by helping you get back into parasympathetic mode and out of stress (fight and flight) mode.

Its the ultimate self-love and precious time for you to be present.

You can have closer interactions with nature, yourself and your relationship in and out of the water.

You can take home a memory of yourself underwater as you tap into your inner Goddess/God.

Experience Mermaid Magic


I recently completed a mermaid course with Eloise Power, owner of the Mermaid Connection. I was blown away with her expert guidance, calmness and caring nature. I struggle being underwater but was astonished with how well I was able to overcome my fears and achieve the success I was after. It is a credit to Elle’s expertise that I was able to walk away with my head high and such self pride when I was able to successfully complete the course. Not only did I overcome fears; I learnt new skills, had such fun and felt absolutely beautiful the whole time. I cannot recommend Eloise and the Mermaid Connection highly enough!

Tahnee Toop
Mermaid Freedive

I can never get enough of mermaiding. There’s something about being in the water and the troubles or sadness washing off from you. This is my 2nd time doing it and Elle is amazing you are ? safe.

Not only does she teach you how to breathe, relax under water and swim like a mermaid but she does amazing photos and videos.

Thank you so much Mermaid Connection you have done it once again.


Mermaid Freedive

The Mermaid Connection gave me an experience I will treasure forever. I was captivated by every aspect of the course. Professional instruction and a friendly patient approach made for a relaxing environment. This course helped me feel secure in the water and feel incredible in the mermaid tail.

I can’t wait to do the next level. ?‍♀️?

Thank you Elle

Jackie Newton
Mermaid Freedive

Have you ever dreamt of being a mermaid or a merman? Well here’s your chance! Elle is an awesome being of light, Mermaid, Teacher and Freediver. I was reluctant at first, thinking to myself a Merman? Well it sure is so much more than I thought it was. By the time Elle went through the history, and the theory that made so much sense I learned a lot then it was full time the fun began. Learning how to breathe, relax and hold, in preparation for Freediving well Elle took us on a journey that opened up pathways of my brain and mind for letting go and surrendering into the abyss. Elle’s energy, passion, commitment, focus and ability to guide us through this process made way for space of trust and confidence within ourselves and to top it off seeing her in action in the deeper pool taking the photos. I am OK to be called a merman. The whole day was absolutely awesome, so if you were thinking of taking yourself on a journey of discovery you’re in safe kind and supportive space with Elle. Thank you Elle,  I’ll see you soon for more bubbles.

Sepp Hock
Mermaid Freedive

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