Why Mermaid Freedive?

When we feel connected, we feel a deep love, inner peace, innate joy, gratitude and happiness. Mermaid diving attracts people from all different ages, backgrounds, cultures and languages. We are all equal underwater. We all speak one language. Being underwater shows us how to coexist and live in the present.

  • It helps you to connect within and find that inner peace
  • It helps to strengthen the Vagus nerve tone
  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety
  • Strengthens Body, mind and soul connection
  • Helps you get back into parasympathetic mode and out of stress (fight and flight) mode
  • Helps you to relax
  • It’s a form of meditation
  • Clears your mind
  • Helps you to sleep better
  • It’s fun and makes you smile and laugh
  • You create unique friendship bonds with like minded people
  • Its the ultimate self-love and precious time for you
  • It’s elegant and artistic form of diving
  • It emphasises beauty and grace
  • You can escape reality
  • It feels like freedom- Freeform dancing
  • It’s easy access to freediving, snorkelling and swimming
  • You only need basic equipment
  • You can enjoy almost any water wonderland around the world
  • You can have lengthened close Interactions with nature and yourself
  • Can get a photo of yourself underwater like a Goddess or a God
  • You can take it further and do a Freedive course if you want to dive deeper
  • You can grow and learn in a comfortable environment

The Mermaid Connection delivers incredible underwater experiences across the Sunshine Coast and other East Coast Australia locations, giving participants unforgettable collections of moments to explore the depths.

Experiences combine elements of PADI Diving, breathwork, meditation and connection… as well an opportunity to take home with you a stunning collection of underwater photos to immortalise your time as a Mermaid.

To read about how this beautiful business came to life, the founder of The Mermaid Connection Elle shares her inspiring story below, of what brought her life journey to this place….

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