Welcome to Elle Power’s Guided Meditation Journeys ♡

Meditation is the gateway of conscious connection to your soul, offering direct communication with your unconscious mind. Beyond being a relaxation technique, meditation awakens your ‘inner truth’ and opens channels for self-guidance, empowerment, time in healing and personal growth.

Elle’s voice takes you on a soothing, safe and magical journey within. Each mediation is perfectly hand crafted and tailored to the titled experience to help you tune into your inner wisdom, allowing your soul to speak clearly to you.

Personally created and channelled by Elle these Guided Meditations will elevate and inspire your path, bringing in your higher guidance, self-love and accelerated growth.

I hope you enjoy the experience. ♡

Bali Meditation
Free Dive Meditation
Lady Elliot Island Meditation

Point Cartwright Meditation
Walking Meditation
Deep and Healing
Sleep Meditation

Maldives Meditation

Welcome Mermaid, to the Ocean's Embrace!

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